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Combiné Protection

    Combiné Protection

    60 capsules - 20 days supply + 50ml - 1.69fl.oz
    La combinación del complejo Immunité y de la crema facial Bouclier Urbain proporciona un doble beneficio de bienestar y belleza para lograr resultados duraderos y convincentes.


    Good immunity is the basis of well-being and beauty.

    Without immunity, the organism cannot defend itself against external aggressions including diseases. It is the body as a whole and of course also the skin that is thus weakened. This general weakening results in countless symptoms or manifestations including: dry skin, lack of appetite and weight loss, repeated infections, colds etc., difficulty healing, fatigue, difficulty concentrating. Our complex combines the absolutely fundamental nutrients that we are very often deficient to help you maintain your immunity at its optimal level

    An ultra protective anti-aging care perfectly versatile

    • Moisturizes and protects free radicals and screen light.
    • Protects mitochondrial DNA
    • Inhibits light-induced skin aging
    • Regulates PH and revives collagen production
    • Activates microcirculation
    • Softens, softens and refines skin texture
    • Strengthens the action of your sun protection
    • Immunity complex
    • Urban shield facial cream


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