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Days of Confidence is a French brand dedicated to women for whom beauty is not an end in itself, but rather the happy consequence of a set of practices and daily habits participating in a good dermatological balance, physiological and psychological and who consider that their well-being and beauty should not harm the ecological balance of our environment.

It is for them that we advocate an approach of «global care», ultra-demanding and ecoresponsible by combining the effectiveness of bio-active cosmetic clean with that of micronutrition that act both on the health of the skin and general well-being.

And because every moment of relaxation, relaxation and sensory escape is also part of the «self care» we have designed a range of natural aromatherapy that is both stimulating and comforting.


If we are always on the lookout for advances in science and new molecules from soft chemistry research that we do not reject as long as they are not just a gadget fashion effect, the basis of our formulas is and will remain botanical.

Plants, flowers, minerals and trace elements are an inexhaustible source of benefits for our body in general and our skin in particular. For us it is a question of looking for the best performers, the best associations possible and of measuring them sufficiently so that they can be truly effective.

An active so attractive it will be useless if it is present too small amount in a formula and if are only interest and make you dream. We are not doing miracles, we are delivering results.


Our requirement for naturality and efficiency covers 6 key aspects of our formulation and manufacturing policy:

  • Maximum quality and quantity of active botanical ingredients present in our cosmetic formulas (plants, flowers, mineral fruits and trace elements).
  • Maximum percentage of certified organic ingredients.
  • Clinical testing of our patented cosmetic ingredients.
  • Rigorous selection of titrated, traced and controlled adaptogenic plants and plants present in our nutri cosmetic formulas and well-being supplements.
  • Published scientific studies on the ingredients we use in our supplements.
  • ISO 9001, 22000 and 22916 certification and 100% French manufacture of all our products.


We don’t think “Less is more” but “Less is better”. We offer an alternative to multi-layering with complex and sometimes laborious routines of layering layers and layers of different products and spending hours in the bathroom. We create short and complementary ranges, simplified routines and complementary multi-purpose products of exemplary quality and efficiency around what we consider to be the 6 fundamentals of well-being and beauty: PROTECTION, VITALITY, SERENITY, BALANCE, DETOX AND RADIANCE.


We do not consider sustainability as a fashion effect or a marketing requirement, but as a necessity that is certainly binding but imperative, which occupies a central place in our specifications. We have a pragmatic and concrete approach

The basis of a serious ecoresponsible approach begins with the ingredients present in our formulas. If it is impossible to date, because of supply chains to manufacture nutritional supplements from local and certified organic ingredients, this is not the case for cosmetics. That is why 50% of our organic assets come from French crops. This is well above average, but still insufficient. We have put in place a research program so that our formulas can contain up to 100%.

There is no such thing as a perfect solution, and there are many debates on this complex subject. Having to integrate the constraints of storage, transport, and distribution. . Recycled plastic solutions are insufficient for us and convincing bioplastic solutions are still too underdeveloped. We have therefore chosen to use recycled glass and aluminum for our packaging, thermohard to replace the plastic in our lids and are looking for solutions allowing us to use recycled plants, biodegradable and compostable for some of our products. All our inks are vegetable and our cardboard packaging, when it is inevitable, is made from paper from eco-managed forests.

We do everything to avoid the packaging, the plastic bubbles that we all liked to crack when we were kids and put boxes in other boxes. We are looking at a system that allows our customers to choose shipping modes without packaging and in reusable shipping envelopes.


We say what we do and do what we say.

It is important for us to tell you exactly what our products contain:

  • Description and provenance of all our ingredients
  • Exact choice and percentage of assets
  • Exact percentages of organic ingredients
  • Exact percentages of assets from local culture

And to keep you informed about our approach, our choices and our progress in our approach and our eco-responsible approach. It is for us the basis of trust that we strive every day to earn. It is also our vision of what the new ‘‘ premiumness’ must be today.


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