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Bio-active skincare


The lax regulatory oversight of cosmetics and the fear of allergic reactions has given rise to the clean cosmetic movement. These are products that will not harm your skin but that, on the other hand, are often sterile and formulated with few active ingredients. Indeed, most brands will advertise their level of naturality, rarely their percentage of organic ingredients but almost never will they discuss their percentage of active ingredients, which usually falls between 2 and 10%.

This is why we decided to make bio-active skincare. Skincare must, of course, be natural, organic and sustainable but it also needs to work! Harmlessness, pleasant textures and ‘placebo’ effects are not sufficient. Active ingredients need to be present at a sufficient level in the formula to guarantee results. This is why all of our skin care range contains between 85 and 100% of active ingredients.

Bio-active skincare does not cheat nor lie.




Micronutrition’s role is to ensure a sufficient intake of micronutrients (vitamins / minerals / amino acids / oligo elements / essential fatty acids / probiotics / flavonoids, etc). While these exist in tiny quantities in our food (2%), they are often not produced by our body and are, nonetheless, crucial for our metabolism’s proper functioning.

The genetic alteration of crops, hazardous soil treatment, the lenght of transportation and the excessive refrigeration and storage of our fruit and
vegetables (organic or not), have considerably impoverished our diet.

Micronutrition compensates for the ‘empty calories’ and the nutrient poor food in our diet that can lead to chronic lack of energy, digestive issues, emotional unbalance and dermatological problems. It is a mild and preventative approach that should be practised on a long-term basis and is rendered truly potent under these 3 conditions:

  • Use of recognized, tested and quality actives
  • Balanced diet
  • Regular exercise

The combinatory approach


Our skin’s health is 80% dependent on what we eat and 20% on external causes. Someone who has nutritional deficiencies, who lacks sleep or who exposes their skin to sun, big city pollutants or even the blue light emitted from screens will likely not be in his best shape or have great skin. Micronutrition’s purpose is to globally strengthen your metabolism thereby improving your skin’s health from within. Working hand in hand with micronutrition, bio-active skincare aims to reinforce this process naturally by protecting, nourishing, energizing and soothing your dermis from external aggressions.

A dual action that ensures lasting and convincing results.


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