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Hailing from Canada, I grew up with a great love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the simple things in life. Self-care in my home was as much in the kitchen as in front of my bathroom mirror. There were always several bottles of vitamins and supplements on the kitchen counter as well as numerous jars of creams and serums in the bathroom. During my teens, I started wondering what really contributed most to my mother’s luminous complexion and whether all, if any, of these products were really necessary.

After spending the last 20 years in Europe and starting a family of my own I have become more concerned and vigilant about the products I put into my own and my children's bodies. Indeed, as a seemingly endless number of skin care and supplements brands hit the shelves every week, each boasting of their green, clean, organic, sustainable, botanical, potent but gentle ingredients, I often felt overwhelmed and sceptical about the effectiveness and safety of these products. Working myself for a large multinational company, I was frustrated with all the greenwashing I saw around me. Many of my friends shared this concern and had a hard time deciding what beauty brands they could trust.

Slowly but surely, the idea that I could create a trustworthy brand that was up to my quality, sustainability and aesthetic standards was starting to blossom. Two meetings convinced me to take the leap. In 2018, I met Philippe Guillermic, who was passionate about naturopathy and Korean medicine. Creative and design director by trade, he is also co-founder of Cosmydor, a luxury artisanal skin care brand. Together, we began envisioning a brand that would combine the best of nutritional supplements and clean cosmetics. In consultation with Nara Nairi, a medical doctor with a PhD in micro nutrition, we started establishing the strict quality guidelines that would be the basis of our nutritional supplement formulations.

Finally, after 2 years of hard work and research, guided by our conviction that beauty can only come from wellness, DAYS OF CONFiDENCE was born


Doctor Nara Nairi has a multifaceted academic background: she was educated at the Faculty of Medicine in Moscow (Russia), the Faculty of Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Paris (France) and worked for seven years in the pharmaceutical industry in France and the UK. She has been awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Micronutrition at the Faculty of Medicine of Dijon (France) and a Master’s Degree in Law, Economics and Marketing of Healthcare System at the University Paris Sud (France). Since establishing herself in London, Doctor Nara Nairi has been running her own private clinic in Functional Medicine, Micronutrition and Microimmunotherapy providing with a holistic approach in the quest for optimal health and wellness. She lectures on this discipline internationally. She is closely involved in her patients’ care offering them recommendations, individual follow-ups and support in every step of their pathway to recovery and optimal functioning. 

Dr Nara Nairi also acts as a consultant for pharmaceutical companies and private hospitals to contribute to their business development and project management.
Convinced of the virtue of the nature and our innate programmed capacity to recover, Dr Nara Nairi is committed to bring their power to the service of her patients and the projects she works on.

Dr Nara Nairi lives in London and Paris and is fluent in English, French, Russian and Italian.


  • Nutritional supplements and a skincare range that cater to your essential needs.
  • Proprietary and exclusive formulas.
  • A formulation policy based on wide scientific consensus and numerous international studies that confirm the efficacy, security and reliability of the ingredients and molecules we use.
  • Complete transparency on the origin and traceability of our ingredients.
  • Nutritional supplements developed by a doctor with a PhD in micronutrition; produced and verified by a French plant certified iso 9001, 22 000 and 22 916.
  • Skin care formulas that are 100% natural, contain a minimum of 80% organic ingredients certified by Cosmos Ecocert and include at least 80% of active ingredients, which were cold blended to preserve all of their integrity.
  • A truly sustainable approach: glass packaging, thermodure (cellulose based material) caps and a strictly French or European production in order to limit the carbon footprint.


  • No over promising and vague benefits.
  • No personalized products based on oversimplified diagnostic tests.
  • No fashionable ingredients that serve no purpose. 
  • No obscure marketing wording.
  • No under dosed or useless nutrients.
  • No plastic packaging except for our lids (10%) that are not available in other materials. We are working on it.
  • No trendy active ingredients that have never been proven to be effective.


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