Urban shield facial cream

50ml - 1.69fl.oz

An innovative 100% natural everyday essential containing 84% organic ingredients and 85% actives. Its potent InfraGuard* active protects your skin not only from air pollution but also from the ‘blue light’ generated by screens, both of which contribute to a dull complexion and premature skin ageing. It is the ultimate protection cream that, thanks to its cold-pressed organic oils and its original extract of orange, reinforces the skin’s hydro-lipid film (the skin’s own natural protective barrier) to give you a smoother, more uniform complexion.

Active ingredients

InfraGuard* combination - Sourced in France

InfraGuard combines organic sunflower shoots and powerful antioxidants from the tara tree in order to efficiently protect the skin against the harmful effects of infrared (IR). 

Infrared rays are known to penetrate deeper into the skin than UV-rays. Due to their free radical production, they inhibit mitochondrial energy production, which is essential for the healthy functioning of our cells and tissues. InfraGuard efficiently neutralizes radicals and protects the skin against IR oxidative stress. 

InfraGuard significantly protects essential skin cells from high energy visible (HEV) light, also known as blue light. Blue light is emitted by mobile devices and computer screens and generates free radicals that damage the skin.

Sunflower sprout extract - Sourced in France

The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a perennial flowering plant that is native to North America. It is cultivated in regions as a food crop and ornamental plant. The sunflower is a symbol for energy and perfection because of its symmetry and longevity. The sprouts of this fast growing plant have the highest concentration of phytonutrients, the compounds in plants that are known for their health promoting properties.

Tara - Sourced in Peru

Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa) is a small leguminous tree that is native to the Peruvian Andes and which tolerates dry climates and poor soils. Tara’s fruits are called pods and are used in traditional medicine to treat infections and to improve healing. They are very rich in hydrolysable tannins with gallic acid as the main constituent. Tannins extracted from tara are highly efficient and stable antioxidants.

Original orange extract - Sourced in France

Obtained by flash distillation a method that preserves the plant's actives, orange extract has clarifying properties for the skin. It is a natural source of fruit acids that refine the skin’s texture and brightens the complexion.

Cold pressed organic virgin Jojoba oil - Sourced worldwide

Jojoba oil is the liquid produced from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) plant. It is a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Since it is similar in composition to the skin's own natural oils, it is quickly absorbed and is excellent for dry and mature skin, as well as inflammation. It has many other benefits such as:

- Regulates the skin’s PH levels, balancing sebum secretion

- Acts as a barrier for skin, protecting it from harsh elements and promoting its natural healing

- Softens and smoothes the skin helping with fine line reduction

Cold pressed organic virgin Macadamia oil - Sourced in Kenya and Australia

Macadamia nut oil contains extremely high levels of beneficial fatty acids.  Its high content of linoleic acid restores the skin’s “barrier function”, preventing water loss, infiltration of toxins, and environmental skin damage. This enables skin to stay hydrated and healthy, appearing younger and smoother. It also contains a lesser known fatty acid, palmiteloic acid, of the omega 7 family, which is particularly effective in the delay of premature aging in skin. Palmitoleic acid reverses the appearance of this dry, tight skin, and there is even some evidence that it can assist in helping repair damaged skin cells. It is very moisturizing and perfect for dry, sensitive skin.

Vegan low molecular weight hyaluronic acid - Sourced in France (Reims)

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule able to retain 1000 times its own weight in water. Naturally present in the skin, it plays an essential role in the skin’s structure. Its low molecular weight allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin’s structure, providing maximum below-the-surface hydration and in turn rehydrating skin cells over time. Because of its ability to draw and hold water, it will improve skin elasticity making the skin appear more supple and youthful.

InfraGuard* combination - Sourced in France

Sunflower sprout extract - Sourced in France

Tara - Sourced in Peru 

Original orange extract - Sourced in France

Cold pressed organic virgin Jojoba oil - Sourced worldwide

Cold pressed organic virgin Macadamia oil - Sourced in Kenya and Australia

Vegan low molecular weight hyaluronic acid - Sourced in France (Reims)

  • Organic ingredients 84%
  • Cold pressed virgin oils.
  • Vegan.
  • Natural origin preservatives.
  • Natural origin perfumes.
  • GMO and nanoparticles free.
Good to know

Before buying any cosmetic product find out the percentages of ORGANIC and ACTIVE ingredients.

A cosmetic product can be labelled as organic as long as it contains a measly 12% of organic ingredients.  It is for this exact reason that brands rarely choose to advertise the percentage of organic ingredients on pack. When formulating our Urban Shield Cream, we chose to use the maximum possible percentage of organic ingredients (84%) and not the minimum. The law compels brands to list all of their ingredients (INCI) but it doesn’t ask them to list their active ingredients.  We choose to do this. It is 85% for our Urban Shield Cream.

The disadvantages of mineral oils

According to dermatologists, mineral oils can damage the skin’s natural barrier. Mineral oils are derived from petroleum and cannot penetrate the skin due to their high molecular weight.  They therefore stay on the skin’s surface which facilitates sun damage and premature ageing.


The protective effect of InfraGuard was tested clinically on volunteers who spent summer holidays in a warm, sunny climate for 2 - 6 weeks. These volunteers applied twice daily during the entire holiday an SPF30 sun cream with 2% InfraGuard onto the inner side of the forearm. The same cream without InfraGuard (placebo) was applied onto the other forearm. Before and after the holidays, skin firmness, elasticity, TEWL (skin barrier) and density (DermaScan® C) were measured. After the holiday, the skin barrier and density deteriorated on the skin area where only the sun cream was applied. Use of 2% InfraGuard not only protected the skin, but even improved it in all the mentioned parameters.

Sensorial experience

A rich, non-greasy texture designed to be quickly absorbed, with a silky finish that leaves your skin supple and soft for several hours.

A subtle, 100% natural, olfactory signature combining essential oils and isolates (molecules isolated from a plant). Very fresh top notes due to the association of citrus fruits and cut grass combined with delicate aromatic and floral heart notes and deeper, slightly woody base notes.

Top notes: cut grass, citrus, bergamot, green mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit, lemon, mint,

Heart notes: sage, lavandin, rosemary, eucalyptus, juniper berries, petit grain bigarade, rose, cloves

Base notes: Scots pine, patchouli, vetiver cypress


In the morning, apply a small amount all over the face and neck and massage well. Suitable for adults. Avoid the eye contour area.


Citrus aurantium dulcis fruit water*, Glycerin**, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil*, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, Pentylene glycol, Cetearyl alcohol, Zea mays starch*, Maltodextrin, Aqua, Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, Lauroyl lysine, Cetearyl glucoside, Parfum, Xanthan gum, Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract, Citric acid, Sodium hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Squalene, Helianthus annuus sprout extract, Beta-sitosterol, Citral, Limonene, Linalool.